Welcome to Shelley Merket OC

At Shelley Merket we believe beauty is for everyone.
We all define beauty and we all celebrate beauty.
Together we support, encourage, and create beauty that moves the world.

We value:


We know beauty is more than just looking good. It gives us confidence in who we are, in our relationships, and in who and what we want to be. We believe, celebrate, and value diversity, and celebrate all expressions of beauty. We offer everyone, in their infinite diversity, the best of beauty in terms of safety, efficacy, quality, and sincerity.

Beauty is a permanent quest. At Shelley Merket we believe in continually enhancing our products. We strive to be innovative, so that we can have a meaningful impact on your beauty.

We're here to simplify beauty

Meet the Founder

Shelley Merket OC was born when Cynthia (an award winning celebrity hair and makeup artist) needed to find a solution for taming flyaways on set. 

After trying everything she could find (wax, pomade, hair spray) she took matters into her own hands and created a lightweight serum that tames flyaways so well it’s almost magic.

When her clients begged her to share her secret, Cynthia knew she was on to something, and SMOC was born.